Poems by James Tulley

Brighton Pride 2022

It’s that time of the year,
When love shows no fear.
Love is on show,
And pride is a glow.
As we come together,
Whatever the weather,
To support who we are,
Each of us a star.
In Brighton by the sea,
Whoever we choose to be!

From Hove Lawns we go,
Sequins and feathers on show.
Dancing each step,
After all of that prep,
To entertain and amuse,
And make BBC News!
The crowds cheers and shout,
When Marta’s about.
Strutting her stuff,
They cant get enough.

But if truth be told,
For young or old.
Dancing as one,
It’s more than just fun.
Love and friendship at play,
Support all the way,
As we cross the town,
And the music goes down.
From Charleston to Samba,

An ode to Marta Scott Dance Company

Today we went dancing with Marta Scott.
The people were cool,
and the music was hot.
From all walks of life we strutted our stuff,
An hour went fast – it’s never enough.
You have to let go,
When putting on a show,
Of modern jazz,
Or Latin razzmatazz.
With leg stretches and fun,
And moves that will stun.
We all come together with love in our hearts.
Each doing what we can and playing our parts.”

Ode to Jazz Mondays!

Of all the dances we can do,
Is Jazz on Mondays to pursue.
With grace and style we make our way,
To bring such joy throughout the day.
No easy task to master all the moves,
As we learn and practice until Marta approves.
Of our expression of jazz and ballet,
She will gently guide, point and say:
Express yourselves and feel the music.
Relax, show poise and a higher kick,
Focus on your croisé and demi-detourné,
Arabesque, de coté and a sexy chaseé.
So much to learn it is never easy,
But together we work to make it dreamy.
Watch your hands and mind your feet.
Feel the tracks and their guiding beat.
The emotions, spirit and inner soul,
As we come together as a rhythmic whole.