“We as people might know that samba is a joyful dance or that movement makes us feel vibrant. However, Marta’s guidance and ambience goes beyond joy and beyond vibrance, as if joy and vibrance is regularly embedded in her presence. What she brought was pure magic. Within one single minute of taking her class, everyone in the room instantaneously grew a beaming smile on their face. She made us sweat, laugh, sing, feel refreshed, grateful and liberated all so soon. And as time passed that magic she passed on expanded within all of us. Eventually as our class came to an end, everyone high, ecstatic and full of energy in spite of the ceaseless dancing- everyone just had to express how incredible and unforgettable this class was.

Marta walked in a room of strangers of all walks of life and united us all with laughter, silliness, kindness, and endearment. Her gifts are a gift to those around her, and she has an uncommon willingness to share them.”

” Hi Marta
Thank you for a lovely morning, in fact thank you for all the lovely mornings that we dance.
Sometimes (and not very often) someone comes along that makes a difference to your life and for me that someone is you Marta.
I’ve wanted to say this for a while but life has been so busy recently that I never got round to it. Joining your dance class has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You bring such joy and love to the class, your dynamic presence, your energy and the way you have created unknowingly a lovely warm family of dancers that is so special. It is the dancing and it is the music but most of all it is you! I feel so privileged to be part of this special dance group, so thank you special dance lady from the bottom of my heart 💕”

Marta’s classes are one of the highlights of my week and I absolutely adore dancing with the little jazz troupe.
As a long-standing friend of hers, I know you know what an amazing teacher she is. I personally have benefited so much from her infinite patience and encouragement, as well as from her very sharp eye and insightful criticism 😂 and I’m confident that all her students would echo the sentiment!
She really does manage tailor her teaching to accommodate all abilities and backgrounds and to attend to each individual’s needs even while working on complex choreographies and helping us dance together as a group. We have all progressed so much under her tutelage and I really do hope we will be able to continue to do so for quite a while longer despite all our advancing years 😅🙏🙏🙏

I can only hope you all hop on board of my dancing journey here in the UK… Welcome!

I have been suffering from different illnesses the last couple of years feeling so tired and hopeless I have tried all therapies and nothing worked😩 but since I discovered the Latin Jazz Fit Lesson with Marta Scott my energy level has comeback and my my health issues’ have almost disappeared.
It’s more enjoyable than going to the gym or running on hard concrete.
The teacher is pure fun and has this extraordinary contagious energy. Every dance lesson is equivalent to 7 health therapies.
If you really want to travel to the Latin world through dance then I recommend these lessons 💃 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Sharing her passion of dance Marta Scott has inspired, given a platform, the confidence and ability to so many to believe in themselves to perform and achieve goals.
As a professional dancer whose career prematurely ended due to injury I am hugely grateful this wonderful, inspirational lady has given me the opportunity to continue my love of dance and performance with MSDC. I have danced for many wonderful choreographers but have never met anyone who gives so much of herself to inspire others. It’s a rare gift.
Thank you Marta Scott.

If you want to have fun this is the place to be!
An incredible teacher, choreographer. All ages and ability, you will not be disappointed !
A fun way of getting fit and above all to meet a group of very warm and friendly people.

You conducted an amazing class this morning. You really keep us all going through tough times like today.
Thank you for all your positive energy and passion for your dancing and dancers. We are blessed to have you to bring the sunshine xxx

I don’t know how you find the strength Marta Scott. You are an incredible person with a heart of gold. Your dance and compassion has helped so many of us in so many different ways. We all have got a story to tell and it’s been so hard at times but you always bring hope, smiles to our faces in a way that you can never imagine how much it means to have you right by our side. Thank you my beautiful friend. Love you 😘❤️💕

You are an inspiration and instigator of joy 😘💕

What an amazing event to showcase the many talents Brighton has in music and dance. Great to be a part of it. Thank you Marta Scott , MSDC and Dance Active. Xx💕

You are a healer through dance! A wonderful inspirational woman…. One in a million…. ♥️

The best thing I did this eve was go to Marta Scott’s fabulous Latin Fit class at The Circle Studios. I was feeling tired and a little sad and left feeling happy and rejuvenated.
Thank you Marta for your incredible energy and making us all feel like sexy Latinas. Eres una diosa 😍

My original inspirational teacher I’m so blessed to have been able to dance with you all these years and still get to come to your classes ! What a journey it’s been.
Peeps If want to know where I’ve got my Latin moves, samba steps and wiggly jiggly shakes then come to this wonderful woman’s classes and get taught some basics as well as fab routines and having a wild Latin party!

There is nothing like Marta’s class on a Wednesday at Coral. There is something very special about it, the energy, warmth. The class has a real heart I have never experienced anything like it

Marta you are definitely an inspiration. The improvement of everyone in class is evidence of the wonderful teacher you are. Xxxx💕