Writing in The Wardrobe

MSDC 2022 Pride’s costume – what would the item say to the world.

My dress needs an audience, it wants to be appreciated. She loves movement, the more jiggley the better. She doesn’t mind who wears her so long as the fit is good and the event is loud and well attended. 

Shimmying sets off my fringes to their maximum effect. My dress loves that her first wearing was at Pride, on the dance walk through the crowds to Preston Park.

All those adoring eyes on me, I felt a million dollars. It was a bit hot and sweaty but I’ve forgotten that.

All the fringed dresses were swinging together to the rhythms of Samba and Salsa music. One of the routines is to ‘lets get loud”. A really lively routine to go with the song.

I would like to be worn by Miss Marta the head honcho, the loud Latina. She is the liveliest and happiest person I have ever seen. Always happy to share her many choreographies and teach us to dance better. She loves showing off and posing, it rubs off a bit at times.

The sunshine and my colours are the best mix, a riot of colour, a host of flapping fringes, the delightful coquetishness of the dancers swishing their bottoms together. 

The dress is sort of given a voice interspersed between my observations.

Christine Chisholm